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Putin's Dream

PUTIN’S DREAM V2.3 – Arma 3 SP/MP COOP Mission


This is an incredibly fun and immersive large-scale mission, which can be played single-player, or as a COOP, with anywhere up to 34 PLAYERS, but it WILL take several hours to complete, so be warned! Thanks to ALiVE’s profiling system it doesn’t need a mega-powerful machine to run, so it can be hosted AND played on any machine with upwards of  2.5-3GHz processor.

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Putin’s Dream v2.3 Update

My mission “Putin’s Dream” has now been updated to v2.3, though I was torn between that and 3.0, since it is such a major update. This update includes:
– Added number of AI parameter, meaning you can set how many AI profiles will be on the map (Low-900, Medium-1800, or High-3000);
– Added fatigue parameter, to enable or disable fatigue as a user requested this;
– Added ability to Teleport between HQ and all FOB’s, including those made by the user;
– Added ability to create High Command Squads, using a familiar GUI and a set of scripts which finds suitable locations for the object type, before spawning them and adding them to the players High-Command;
– Added Grimes’ Revive Script, which may turn out to be a temporary use as this script only allows for player to player revival, so I’m still looking out for a revive script where AI can and does revive players;
– Added mobile logistics trucks at HQ. These have the same contents as the Medium Liftable factories, but you can drive these around, sneak into enemy territory and build a base behind enemy lines;
– Added VAS (Virtual Ammobox System), which you’ve probably come across before, so you can now load and save your loadouts from HQ and all FOB’s;
– Added Arsenal and VAS at each created FOB;
– ALiVE 0.9.4 update compatibility, meaning Artillery now works, there are randomly spawning Roadblocks and Camps, on both sides of the border;
– Converted long Sleep commands to uiSleep, fixing extended delays (Notably Creating FOB’s). This was because when using sleep command, with a lot going on for the host it meant the delay was longer than intended. I then found uiSleep, which instead uses the players’ system time, meaning it is now always exactly how long it was meant to be;
– Fixed crazy number of enemy heli patrols, as there was a mathematical error in DMC’s Air Patrol script, meaning it waited between 2 and 10 seconds, not minutes;
– Script Cleaning;
– Code Optimising;
– Minor fixes.

Putin’s Dream v2.0 Update

My mission “Putin’s Dream” has now had a pretty major update including, yep you guessed it, A FIX FOR THE A3MP ERROR!! Finally, this mission will now work with the A3MP mod instead of only AiA. Amongst the other changes are the following:

  • Added parameter to Enable/Disable civillians;
  • Added heli support at FOB Dragon;
  • Added Items to Supply boxes at base and FOB’s;
  • Added Briefing;
  • Fixed gap in walls at base;
  • Fixed Date changes;
  • Fixed heli stuck in hanger at NWAF;
  • Fixed MP COOP size restriction;
  • Fixed other minor fixes;
  • Updated to [R3F] Logistics v3.1, which adds:
    • Ability to send/sell back objects to the creation factory;
    • The objects are locked to the side/faction/player/none;
    • Planes and wheeled vehicles have been set as towable in default configuration;
    • Countdown during the helicopter lift hooking process (stay hover);
    • Logistics configuration for the “All In Arma” addon;
    • Logistics configuration update from A3 1.22 to A3 1.35;
    • Disable the R3F’s airlift when the BIS’ airlift is currently in use;
    • Autonomous vehicles from the creation factory can now be used;
    • Autonomous vehicles can now be loaded/moved/towed.

There are also many more intentions, ideas and game-changers on the horizon, so keep you eyes peeled and look forward to more! And on that point, I’m fully willing to listen to anyone’s ideas for things to add to the game, so have your say and I’ll listen 🙂

Enjoy v2.0 people! 🙂

Add Squad Member / GUI Tutorial

GUI’s are a pain to do, let’s face it. So let’s go through things you need, step by step:

1. First thing to do is to download this. Which includes the basics you’ll need for yours in a folder called ExampleEmptyGUI.Stratis, and my example GUI, in a folder called ExampleSquadGUI.Stratis. Copy these into Documents -> Arma 3 -> Missions.

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Heli Insertion

To begin a mission, a lot of mission makers want them and their squad to be inserted in by a heli, which then flies off and is never seen again. But when you leave the landing to the AI, most of the time they think that within 100m of the helipad is close enough. So to get around that, create a helipad, and then create the waypoint of the heli directly on the helipad. You’ll know you’ve done this right as you now cannot move the waypoint without moving both the waypoint and the helipad.

Here is an example mission, to show you exactly how to do it. 🙂 Of course, if you want it on any other map than Stratis, open up that map, and click ‘Merge’ at the top, then select this mission and voila. 🙂

Happy Editing!


Armaholic is one of the best community websites for ARMA, with every mod published being showcased and downloadable from (or via) the site. It is also a great resource for scripting and mission editing help, with a great number of users willing to chip in and help out where they can. It is also the site I check multiple times a day, so if you post an issue there you will soon have a solution from one of us. 🙂

The forums I check regularly are these:
Arma 3 Scripting;
Arma 3 Mission Editing;

See you there soon!